001. Home: True Stories of Immigration Part 1

The Yarn is a storytelling initiative out of Little Rock, Arkansas that uses the power of story to amplify voices, build understanding, and create space for human connection. We are excited to launch The Yarn Podcast with stories from Home: True Stories of Immigration. During this live production on February 22nd, community members took to the stage to tell stories that reflected their lived experiences with immigration. 

This two-part series will feature stories that originate in Mexico, Colombia, Italy, Panama, and Puerto Rico. The topic of immigration in the U.S. has most recently been explored through the lens of media and politics. The Yarn offers another platform for exploration, where the audience will hear unfiltered, diverse, and personal experiences related to immigration directly from local storytellers.. The show will include stories from those who have immigrated, children of immigrants, dreamers, and citizens whose families have been in the U.S. for generations.