016. Phantom Feminism, and Other Quandaries

The gals talk Phantom of the Opera, detour to talk way too long about Gerard Butler, update you on the latest block on the latest Muslim ban, catch you up on the big ol' nothingburger that was Rachel Maddow's release of Trump's tax returns, and get into the details of the GOP's ACA replacement plan, the shortsightedness of said plan, and various other shenanigans of the Arkansas legislature.

Recorded on March 15, 2017.

Intro/Outro: Phantom of the Opera - "Overture"


Whit's Picks

Rebecca Solnit - "Protest and Persist: Why Giving Up Hope is Not an Option" (Guardian)

Logan (IMDB)

Get you some cheesesticks from Dugan's (Little Rock) and a Bluewing from Flyway (North Little Rock, AR)

Great British Baking Show Seasons 2 and 3 (Netflix)

Beth's Picks

Alana Samuels - "How Segregation Has Persisted in Little Rock" (The Atlantic)

Reeves Wiedeman - "Sports May Never Be a Politics Free Zone Again" (NY Mag) 

Kimmy Schmidt Season 2 (Netflix)


Michael Harriot - "Everything You Think You Know About the Death of Mike Brown is Wrong, and the Man Who Killed Him Admits It" (The Root)