019. #strugglebus

The gals make it through an episode that runs a gamut of happy topics: Arkansas's execution spree, the Syria bombing, the White House presidential advisor circus, Supreme Court Justice nee nominee Gorsuch and the "nuclear option," and Joe Biden's strong diss game.

Recorded April 10, 2017.

Intro/Outro: The Wombats - "Moving to New York"

Links from the Episode

NBC: Executions in Arkansas
Vox: Syria's War: Who is Fighting and Why (Updated April 7, 2017)
Slate: Neil Gorsuch and the Frozen Trucker
Federal Climate Lawsuit
SNL: "Complicit"

Beth's Recommendations
Get on that dang Hamilton soundtrack.
Devour brand Frozen Dinners

Whit's Recommendations
Border Cantos exhibit at Crystal Bridges
Just... like, a chai tea latte.