023. SCOTUS with the Mostest

The gals chat about Alien: Covenant, three major SCOTUS cases heard in the last term, and Alex Tizon's divisive essay "My Family's Slave." Also Ally McBeal, apparently. 

Recorded May 22, 2017.

Intro/Outro: Wye Oak - "If You Should See"

Links from the Episode

The Atlantic: Alex Tizon - "My Family's Slave"
Slate: M. Evelina Galang - "What the Conversation around Alex Tizon's Atlantic Essay is Missing"

A few more responses to Alex Tizon's essay that were not read before the episode:
The Nib: Sukjong Hong - "The Slavemaster's Son"
Rappler: Lian Buan - "Eudocia Pulido had hopes, dreams, and fears too"

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