029. "Speaking of things that are dumb and tragic..."

The gals run the gamut: healthcare update (pre-vote), RIP Riverfest, more flight options out of Little Rock, the newest Planet of the Apes movie, Beth's love of Jane Austen, and a briefing on the controversy around a new historical book and the libertarians who want to beat up historians in the parking lot over it. 

Recorded July 18, 2017.

Intro/Outro: Hello, Dolly! - "Out There" (Wall-E edit)

Links from the Episode
National Review: Jonah Goldberg - "The Benefit of the Doubt is Gone"
THV11: Goodbye, Riverfest: Event Canceled after 40 Years
FlyFrontier: Frontier Airlines Expands Low Fares to 90 Percent of the US Population
YouTube: Monty Python - The Semaphore Version of Wuthering Heights
Amazon: Nancy Maclean - Democracy in Chains
Washington Post: Does 'Democracy in Chains' paint an accurate picture of James Buchanan?
S-USIH: Andy Seal - "The Controversy over Democracy in Chains"
Wikipedia: Jacques-Louis David - The Death of Marat

Whit's Recommendations
McMansion Hell
The F-Word (season one trailer)

Beth's Recommendations
Wrinkle in Time (trailer)
Wreck-It Ralph, Sense and Sensibility, The Incredibles, Wall-E